About our Baby Sessions...

Missed out on your child’s newborn session? Why not book in for our baby session. (from 1- 6 months old.)​ ​I totally understand that some babies are born too early, or have complications in which you or your baby may have needed to stay in hospital for a little longer.  That is completely fine, many photographers turn away babies older than 3 weeks, but I don’t!

I have specifically designed these packages to cater to parents whose babies could not get photographed within the newborn time frame. To be perfectly honest some babies older and 2 weeks are more alert, so I prepare my parents who do a baby session that baby will most likely be awake during the session.

Though it will depend on your baby! They may sleep through and you will be the lucky few parents that have sleepy poses within your gallery to select. Parents are able to let me know what colours and styling you would prefer me to use within your session.