Stephanie has a stunning range of gowns, mens & children’s garments to use from our client closet.
Making your session as stress free as possible, you have full access to our client closet during a session.

I have a variety of coloured and textured wraps, bonnets, beanies, outfits and headbands for babies available to use.
You are also welcome to bringing your own outfits, or readily choose from our client closets.

You can change into your outfits at our studio right before I am ready to photograph the family, if your more comfortable this way. (as the room does
get very warm when doing newborn/baby sessions.)

I suggest staying away from black, the darkest I would go is a mid-tone, so your images have depth. Think neutral colours and earthy tones they always photograph really well. Also avoid logos and large patterns on shirts and clothing.Whites, creams, beige, burnt oranges, dull/ sage greens, greys, maroons and pale blues for those family portraits, plain block colours is the way to go although if you have multiple children I suggest adding a sweet little print into the mix of your family styling as it works well with solid block colours.

If you need some guidence feel free to send some pictures through and i will
gladly give you some advice.

Mums its the perfect excuse to get your hair, nails and make up done. It will make a difference in the way you feel therefore are photographed on the day! Trust me I have 4 little ones and a little pamper is so worth it.
I have beautiful bows and headbands for girls that i can match up to their outfits.
We wont forget dads and boys, a nice haircut can make a massive difference
in the overall look of your images.

Happy styling!