Little Bean Ultrasound Art

A love that is beyond anything you have ever know…
During covid I was unable to photograph the beautiful babies being born so I decided that I would give the gift of memories in different way.
I transform sonogram/ ultrasound images of your precious baby into handmade & unique artworks.
Every mother’s journey is a unique one & so is your babies ultrasound!

"I love having sentimental memories that I can show my children one day."
How long does it take?

The turn around time of these unique hand painted artworks are from 2-3 weeks.
You can discuss with Stephanie if she is able to get it done quicker if you need it done by a specific date.
We can also ship worldwide.


By sending over your ultrasound art, Stephanie is able to create a unique hand painting with all your babies details shown on the ultrasound. (Feel free to send over a few to get as much detail in your art as possible)


If you would like me to quote up your ultrasound art, feel free to fill out our form below or send me an email.

Sentimental Stephanie.....
Im a wife, mother of four littles and a passionate photographer and creative. I feel truly blessed to meet such lovely people and do what I love while being able to share the gift of memories through my photography and now through my hand painted art.

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that families appreciate their memories as much as I do. In photography or painted form.


Let's create your unique hand painted art.

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